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Build Your Own Product Discovering the potential in your business by imbibing emerging technologies with pathbreaking ideation.

Digital Transformation [ERP]

The sucessfull integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to customers.

Business Intelligence

BI solutions as critical, very important, or important to their operations.

Building IT solutions For Your Promising Tomorrow

We help clients to achieve goals because the solutions of TechSigaram IT Service simplify businesses. We implement, customize, administrate and integrate your Oracle NetSuite account and help you to utilize its complete productivity thereby maximizing revenue.

Unique Ideas

The Best Business Products Company of the world’. Its primary focus is creating technologies (BPA) to realise the vision by giving the BEST PRODUCTs to the business enterprises.

The Company integrates its products and services to create customized solutions to allow you to undertake technology based business transformation that allows your business to grow with today’s dynamic digital business environment.


Traceability as the Foundation of Productivity.

The process begins by capturing all key information during the manufacturing phase and continues all the way through placement of the product and beyond.

Our two-page, easy-to-read info graphic explains how a manufacturing system like Expandable ERP establishes processes that:

• Remove manual processes that generate error

• Are designed to meet the requirements of the regulatory agencies.

• Assure enterprise-wide visibility of key information throughout the product life-cycle.

• Eliminate non-conformance by unifying the organization around an integrated quality management foundation.


If you have a business that operates globally.

If your business operates locally but your employees speak in multiple languages.

Our ERP system with the ability to understand many languages is a must. In a time when language plays such a crucial role in the business, it makes the role of multi-lingual ERP all the more necessary. Investing in anything that can help your business grow is a good idea. So, execute that idea!

Event Meeting

Our applications offer more advanced features that can improve your efficiency and lighten your workday. Event tags can help you categorize specific event types and execute rules, such as color coding or sharing functions, based on those tags.

Our Applications also provide scheduling features so that clients and customers can book time with you automatically based on your designated office hours and existing calendar appointments. These additional features combine with the default calendar integration to minimize your time spent managing your daily schedule.


ERP integration connects and synchronizes ERP software to other applications and data sources. ERP software integration gives you a unified view of information from different systems in real time, whether the data originates in the ERP or other systems.

Essentially, an ERP enables companies to manage the critical parts of their business from a single application. Having a general understanding of an ERP’s purpose will help businesses understand the different ERP deployments and help better design ERP system integration.

What We Can Do Else

Customize [Tailor Made] ERP Solutions

Software consulting services help assess and raise the efficiency of technology-enabled business processes.

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